November 5th 1942

W/C Nicholson V.C. arrives to take over this new 171 Wing, which at present consists of him and five other ‘Penguins’. He shoots the most dreadful and uncalled for line in the mess one evening, and I consider him very definitely a ‘chap’. Played cricket yesterday and scored 12. Sergeant Doughty brought back my .455 from Abbottobad and also my attache case, which is useful. A.V.M. Williams, S.A.S.O. at Delhi was here yesterday and publicly stated that 20 and 28 squadrons would be reequipped with Bofors Hurricane 2Ds. I frankly disbelieve it as so many have said so much that was untrue about our reequipment in the last nine months that I can’t believe a thing. Wafflebeak of course believes the earth is flat – if some senior officer tells him.

I get a block of shooting jungle from today until the 11th, but it’s now too late and Michael is going away with the bearer so I can’t have him for cooking purposes.


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