November 15th 1942

Signal in: ‘S/L H (JDW: Hammerbeck) to report supernumary to 221 Group”. Nicholson and he do nothing about it. Eventually “P” staff ring up, but H in bed (hospital) with malaria so Mann made acting S/Ldr and C.O. 28 squadron. I and Henry take over A and B Flights respectively, but our promotion not yet through. I meet Elmslie’s wife Elizabeth here, and discover that Gavin Douglas of P.A.V.O., who was posted here but went to Ambala, is the same one who stole Pat Turner from Jerry Beale in Madras! I have dinner with Elsmie’s at B.N.R. Hotel the other day. Much tennis, and am improving somewhat, though there is not as much to drink afterwards as there used to be. An RAF show here, which was rather ‘pink’ I thought – mentioned that last time.

Rs560 deducted and NO pay this month, for allowances drawn, though I paid them back on return from Burma. It makes me see red at times. Tom Pierce posted as A.L.O. 4 Corps, so he won’t be seen again for a bit. I wrote to G/C John Hawtry and he says it takes three months before promotions come out so I have another 2 3/4 as a Flying Officer to do.


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