December 4th 1942 – Shandur

I do half an hour yesterday in a Hurricane I. The landings OK the second trip as the first time I don’t throttle back enough. Yesterday up to 15000′ and I have to close the hood as too damn cold. Down the Canal to have a look at Suez and Port Tewfik. Today we get onto the range and watch IIds shooting the targets. Burt Mann and I think one or two are a bit “split”, lifting a wing over the “tank” after firing, but perhaps it’s the way to win a war. 7 squadron S.A.A.F. have an ME109F here which is flying around this afternoon – it goes like a rocket.

Our tent is now fairly well organised, with hot water for washing etc, when the bearer can be found to fetch it. Bathing is under a cold tap originally designed for anti-gas decontamination.

Joel and Thompson of 20 squadron are here with us. You have to fly at 240 mph, about 25′ up, and fire at 700-500 yards range. Two 40mm “8” guns each firing one round at a time from 15 round magazines.


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