January 14th 1943

We draw rations for 25 men two days running, so the four of us have ample to eat. Also some rum which we put in the tea but which isn’t too good. Vir Singh and Joel come and feed last night and we cook and sit round the fire. This morning I do a recco – Launhchaung/Foul Point/Donbaik – but see nothing from ‘0’ feet except some cattle, and a ship in the Kywede opposite Magyichaung. I spend longer than I should have done redoing some bits and looking for a missing Hurricane which I fail to find. I drop a message on 47 Brigade HQ, or at least where I think they are, and nearly ‘spin in’ whilst watching it being picked up; she does a flick, but I just manage to catch her with a burst of engine and am saved.

Burt Mann sees a Jap photo recco over half an hour ago, but I miss it as I am exhortting the coolies to greater efforts in house building, having caught them sleeping on the beds they had just made. They all understand Urdu (so far) round here, so I am quite at home with everyone. A stream runs through here, and we have managed to install a telephone, so it’s fairly comfortable. So far, and touching wood, that is!


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