January 28th 1943

Six fighters come down daily and we get an escort of one section on our trips. I even get one to St Martins Island, where I go to drop a message. I try two, to make sure, but one sticks on the tail plane and the other falls leaving half a streamer on. I see no one but two British officers with topes on. Yesterday the fighters shoot up one of our M.L’s which started the battle by clearing its guns in the direction of the island. They signal and say they are being shot up, so the party starts. C.O. and Mike return, and I get awful drunk the first night on about four large pegs of “Old Angus”. I even fall in the stream while crossing it, which is a poor show.

This afternoon I have to go round Foul Point again, which I don’t fancy much. I would rather dabble in the Kyauktaw area. The whole of 28 squadron supposed to be coming down here, when operational, and when equipped with some aircraft. I shall have to make out another scheme of objectives, as I don’t seem to have any just now. We have single aircraft crossing over here at night all the time, both ways, and it is a damn nuisance as we go out and blow whistles and shout ‘take cover!’ etc. But God knows what they are, as they seem to go up and down and occasionally do a circuit over Maungdaw.


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