January 30th 1943

I go round Foul Point again with an escort, F/L Mason of 79 squadron. I don’t see much beyond a couple of camouflaged sampans, at which I have a squirt with mediocre results. Yesterday two ’99’s – heavy bombers – with six 01’s came over, do a couple of circuits and then drop some bombs in the NAF. Some good shooting by the Bofors and one reported down, further south on the beach. Some lad in a carrier on the quay fires at it and it gets annoyed and fires back, wounding seven men. Pilot officers Brown, Dorman and Ardeline arrive last night, so we shouldn’t have to do 2 or 3 sorties a day, though we are doing it with an escort most of the time. Mike will read all night which is a bind as I like to go to bed at 8.30 or 9 round here and start sleeping. Am getting good at being a dhobi now… (JDW: i.e. washing his own clothes).


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