February 20th 1943

Some good shooting up on the Jap front line, and also by the Pagods on Foul Point, where I see a small concealed “hide”. Garratt arrives, and Glass promoted P/O. Much rain, but we manage to get off onto RITZ (JDW: codenamed for a landing ground?) Then we try to make HOVE but it rains so hard whilst the pilots are getting down, they cannot get off and we are bogged down for a day.

Today at dawn I go off up the Kaladan but it is too misty so I turn down to Thayettabin along the track to Myohaung. East of Myohaung I see some five sampans in the Lemro river at Panmyaung. I give one a burst, and it overturns with occupants, and see corpses in the water. I feel a bit sorry for what I have done so shoot no more. But on the way home I realise that what I have seen is most important, being the Jap L of C (JDW: lines of communication) to Myohaung. At Myohaung I squirt the police lines where the Japs are reputed to be living, and return home.

Several days ago I went in a Tiger Moth with W/C Ford and fly to the Indin strip and then to Apankwa. Very nice, though he flies me too damn near Rathedaung to be pleasant. I watch the countryside and see several strange birds (Adj’s probably) at work. Miller of 20 squadron reputed to have a DFC for his “Lizzie” efforts down here. (JDW: Lizzies = Lysanders). I photograph a wrong chaung instead of Laungchaung and have a conference with Brigadier Cavendish of 6 Brigade and a naval commander over his landing operations at Foul Point, for which he wants photographs.


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