February 25th 1943

Yesterday I go on a very pleasant trip to Kamai and Batarai, with Brown ‘weaving’ behind me. I see four men run off a track into the bushes, and I give it a squirt on my way back, but am probably too late. Then last night Smythe rings up and 6 Bde are going to raid Kyaukpyu and want us to photograph it – distant 135 miles as the crow flies over Akyab. But the crow would have to go out to sea on the way. We send for an escort and put the long range of tanks on, and I reckon it’s me who has to go. About four runs over the town and jetty from 10000′ with an 8″ lense. However Burt reckons it ought to be the next chap on the list, which is Garratt, so off he has just gone with two sections of 79 Squadron.

Burt Mann a bit sour nowadays and picks a lot of b-holes in everything, which I don’t somehow think are warranted. However I’ve just about “had him” as the saying goes.


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