March 7th 1943

In a bad way today. J. Benbow came in last night and and I only have a couple of rums or so. But all complain of its strength this morning, so I cut my ‘trip’ and passed it on to someone else. A bad thing to do I feel. Yesterday Brown lands with his undercarriage and flaps up, and when we drop test them they are OK, so a clear case of finger trouble.

I sent Garratt back with a kite which wanted a new coolant pump, so now I only have two machines. Mike and I go over to Myohaung and recce around under clouds with 400′ base, and I nearly pile in, the controls going ‘soggy’ in some downward current. I get fed up and we come home over the clouds, an uncomfortable feeling silhouetted on a white background.

Yesterday whilst in the Controller’s office we step outside and see a Jap Army “100” recce plane rush overhead at about 800′. It swoops around, dips a wing or two and then makes off for the nearest clouds.


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