March 10th 1943

Yesterday at “Prayers” I see eight “01’s” and two with undercarriages down so they must be Army 98’s. Teddy and Garratt arrive yesterday, and Teddy will take over from me. I take him to Divisional “Prayers” this morning in my famous hat and introduce him to those whom he should know.

Today I do a last sortie looking for the 8/10 Baluchis who broke out of Apankwa and Kanzauk and made their way across country to our lines. I see an ‘X’ at the bottom of a watercourse in the most shocking country. Previously doing a contact recce over Kanzauk I see a large “V” displayed, so I shoot up the place I think the enemy may be.

A bit of a party last night as we have a lot of beer and have been saving up a small bottle of Scotch for a suitable occasion. AOC Bengal Command is down here and says “Burt for the boot shortly and Tom Pierce to be the new C.O.”


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