March 13th 1943 – Ranchi

I depart on 11th after shooting up 14 Division HQ and giving a coloured display of Very lights from the Plessy gun. After refuelling at Chittagong I strike a rainstorm whilst still over the sea and have one or two anxious moments, eventually landing at Alipore in a cross wind, at the second shot, having nearly crashed going round again. A great long Chrysler is procured by the D.P. which deposits me at the Grand (hotel). I meet Gunn and Watty. A party with W/C Ford and Watty that night then (?) comes to my room at 9.30 and I throw her out at about midnight, having completed my plan (JDW: !?). Watty and I go out to see Charles Penton the next morning with a girlfriend of his – one Livia, ex Malaya – and that evening I meet Jane at the Saturday Club. A rather drunken party joins but I am feeling moody after a lot of gin and eventually retire to the Grand for dinner and bed.

Today I come on to Ranchi to find Pierce as C.O. I get the impression “Oh you’re back are you?” – not at all the returned hero from the war that I was expecting. However, Quien Sabe!


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