March 31st 1943

I go back on the Assam Mail tonight – 00.06hrs, provided I catch it. Not quite so much rain now and I can get out more but still nothing to shoot bar shite hawks and vultures. However, very pleasant lying in a decent bed reading of a night. I study birds through field glasses but require some book to identify them. A pity I cannot get home (JDW: to the UK? My father evidently applied) but the answer was “It is pointed out that – & – are seconded Indian Army officers and as such cannot be repatriated until the end of hostilities.” That means another four years out here I suppose.

I have some of these ‘Burma sweat rag’ khaki shirts which I have been wearing for nearly a year now, and bought some more at Whiteway & Laidlaw‘s in Calcutta. They are excellent in hot weather though rather ugly. I wore my Sandhurst greased boots and puttees flying on ops, and most of the others took up boots too – for walking home. Also my famous sky blue overalls.

A hideous journey ahead with three nights in trains to Ranchi and changes in the middle of them. What of my next objectives? I have four, but they are all more or less interconnected and those that stand by themselves are impossible, on current form, so what to do. (JDW: I wish he’d tell us what these objectives are!)


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