April 28th 1943 – Ramu

Mike and Madill arrive, the former to take over from me, so after a day’s handing over Watty comes up from Sybil and we crack a bottle of ‘Old Angus’. I return the next day with Mackilligan in another a/c to Ranchi. Mike and Flynn go down to A.L.G. and when I get back I hear that he (Mike) is shot down in flames into the Maya River by A/A fire from Magyichang. Well, ‘Tiny’ Irwin, if he is still alive, and I are the only ones left now of the seconded Indian Army lot.

We maybe move to Alipore soon, keeping the Arakan detachment and sending another one, me again, to Imphal when the monsoon comes and 2 Squadron I.A.F. give up their detachment there which they took over from Henry – Henry left for Ramu this morning.

I have now got in 100 sorties and am not at all pleased with the prospect of more operations in Imphal. Tom is to be Wing Commander and Henry Squadron Leader (flying) and me, Joe Soap, doing all the ops.

I go to the club for tennis and meet David Cooper and all 14 Indian Division staff who are now in Ranchi, 70th Division having left. I have drinks with David and Tom Jones (14th Division) and they give me dinner in B.N.R. Hotel. 171st Wing is moving Madras way and “Waggers” left with the advance party. I have a drink with Mrs Roughton and tell her of Mike’s death. Not a pleasant job as they were more than just friendly. I am “windy” now, very. After 100 ops I can’t go on for ever. Also there seems to be this “hoodoo” on Indian Army types.


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  1. Ramu is in Coxs’bazar, Bangladesh not in Burma.

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