May 4th 1943 – Ranchi, India

On May 1st signal received “Post F/L Dunford Wood to 2 Sqn I.A.F. to command. F/L Dunford Wood to XXX by A/S/L from 1st May.” So I am to be O.C. 2 Sqn I.A.F.!!! Bill Robinson, now a Major, comes in for a party and I see him off fairly well. I then move over to 2 Squadron Mess and here I am. Things seem pretty chaotic from the administrative point of view, as the adjutant is a bit dim. Fortunately there is a B.O.R. (British other ranks) corporal, most of the pilots are up in Imphal where there is a detachment, and only F/L Latif and nine aircraft are left down here.

I spend the last few days on “bumph”, great piles of it. Two nights ago Tom Pierce and I go out to dinner with 14th Division – David Cooper and old ‘GI Warren’ in great form. Unfortunately I get a bad attack of diaorrea, or something, and so do not enjoy it. I am also going deaf in one ear through large accumulation of wax.

I wonder how long I shall keep this job, presumably until I get the sack for putting up a black of some sort, or until an Indian C.O. is chosen and appointed. It won’t be much fun going back to flight commander after having commanded a squadron for a day or two – (longer I hope – lekim quien sabe?)


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