June 2nd 1943 – Ranchi

Wood gives a roulette party to which Tom Pierce and I go. Last night I go to a “dinner and dance” with Mrs Hoffman and Elizabeth – the former being the wife of the C.O. of the 56th (Punjabi Rifles, now the 2nd Battalion of 13th Frontier Force Rifles). One General and Mrs Moore of 39 Division are also there and two U.S. Colonels from Ramgarh.

A goodly shower of rain yesterday. The Imphal detachment is not back yet, and the train party is due to go on the 3rd. I have asked for a route by air from Air HQ but no reply so far. That’s what is most worrying – whether we shall get there or not. Ranchi-Vizagapatam is 420, Vizag-Madras about 450, and the monsoon is on the point of breaking, so we may run into some shocking awful weather. 6 squadron I.A.F. lost six a/c on one such long cross country, due to bad navigation. Am feeling rather better now, having finished the malaria “cure”.


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