June 26th 1943 – Delhi

I fly over to Bangalore and spend the night in the West End Hotel.  I see Jackie for tea and have a helluva booze with W/C Yorke. Pleasant and cold at night and the water tastes excellent. Next morning to Delhi by Hudson with a stop at Nagpar – not very comfortable. No one to meet us at Delhi but I find a Mess and meet Dudley Withers there, now a W/C with AFC. I have to go in a room with no fan, and even on the balcony it is fearful, as no breeze. I lie in bed with a towel and sleep for about an hour only. This morning to the Medical Board and I am perfectly fit, even passing the eye test by squinting hard!!! Am told to return to unit and that if I go to hospital every time I get malaria maybe I shall be cured.

I ring up G/C Hawtrey and go and see him in the afternoon. Also A/C Baker (D.S.A.S.O.) and one W/C Ashmore about going home – but no luck. I also get a passage booked on a Hudson tomorrow, so if I get it and reach Bangalore I suppose I shall have to go back by train. Tonight I have to go and have drinks with John Hawtrey, provided I can get a taxi and find the way.


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