June 29th 1943 – Bangalore – Trichinopoly

I get there for drinks and we retell the Iraq campaign. I am produced to shake hands with A.O.C. in C. Sir Richard Peirse. I get on the Hudson about 0630 and get to Bangalore in time for lunch at 2pm in the West End Hotel. We fly at about 8000′ and I get frozen and the shivers, departing to bed after lunch with several blankets. OK in the evening and find my room companion to be one Tom Hudson (I was in the same room before leaving for Delhi), who was at Harrow with me, and in the Police with Hugh. He is on rest from Catalinas in Ceylon, where is also Lawson-Smith. We sink a huge jug of shandy together, and then he introduces his ‘popsie’, one Mrs Coles, and we crack some whisky (mine), have dinner and go to the ‘flicks’. I see June, now Mrs Brandt, whom I once met with Pete Jennings at a party at Insein mess in Rangoon. 

This morning I fly down to Trichinopoly to find some prune using my car after I have given orders that it is not to be so used. Letter from Aunt Babs that old ‘Pop’ Jacobs died suddenly in the lavatory on May 2nd.


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