July 4th 1943 – Bangalore

I go up to Kolar to find the boys moved to Yelahanka just outside Bangalore – in the course of the exercise I fly on there and stay to the end, returning to Trichi on July 2nd. G/C Farquahar takes the boys into town and throws us a party at Chungking restaurant. I am given dual on chopsticks and manage very well. The food very good and I manage to avoid eating too much, which is my usual failing on such occasions. Then on to the B.U.S. Club where a dance is in progress. Later on we go to the Club again and I meet Howes of 3 Coy again, who says Bill will be down again here shortly.

We fly to Kolar for the conference – but have to leave at half time to get back to Yelahanka before dark. I have now come out in spots on my face, over half a dozen, a damn nuisance. This job will drive me nuts soon – thank God for the car, the extra 200/-, and the fact that I can fly when I want to.


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