July 9th 1943

I go over to Bangalore with the Group Captain in a Hudson for a post-mortem conference on the exercise. Stay in the West End Hotel and in the evening go out with W/C Beaman to “Funnels” for fish and chips and then to the B.U.S. Club (JDW: Bangalore United Services Club) where I meet the Hammerbecks and Catherine Railton. Next day lunch with Hammers and I come back in the rear seat of an Audax which the G/C has gotten. Bad weather forecast prevents the Hudson coming back, but we manage to edge round the bad weather.

Cold last night and I have to put a blanket on. F/L Nazir Ullah tells me a few things about the I.A.F. today, their principal moan being me as a British C.O. But the way they want to run their Air Force it ought to be disbanded. I don’t know what the solution is – never had any C.O. a more difficult job.


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