August 2nd 1943

Last night at Kodaikanal – I go to dinner at some judge’s wife’s place with Marjorie and down the hill the next day. I nip over to Banaglore on Thursday to see Group, and after doing my business I try to get Bill on the line. But 70 Division telephone is down so no success. Drink some beer with W/C Banks in the evening and then on to the pictures.

Flying home next morning I do three circuits of Yercand, the hill station above Salem in the Shevaroy Hills, but no’wt to look at bar a few schools. Saturday to see “Desert Victory” again and then to the Club where I meet a Major Jones I used to know in 1/11 Sikhs in Jubbalpore. We were both in the same car smash. I dance with a popsie called Joyce Cullan – Indian railways – whom we locally call ‘the icicle’ as she looks so grim when she dances.

6 squadron and 171 wing are moving here but David Yorke is sick again I believe. I get rather intoxicated last night at our B.O.R. Mess, on Canadian bottled beer which is quite potent stuff. This squadron has five B.O.R.s.


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