August 5th 1943

“1000 bomber Baldwin” comes round on a visit yesterday but is not very impressed by me. Today a signal is in posting Tom Pierce W/C 171 Group – David Yorke to AC Ops Delhi and myself to S/L  AC Ops 225 Group Bangalore – with Arjan Singh coming as C.O. to 2 Squadron. I have reckon I have got the sack after all.


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    This might be an official web page of the IAF, but this link of 2 Sq operational history offers an opinion of your dad as well when he was acting CO. Seems the IAF personnel didn’t think too highly of him either. I just appreciate his willingness to keep a journal and you putting it online. Thank you for doing this.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Thanks Steve. Yes, I have seen that article, and it’s true, he did not go down too well with the Indian pilots, and in fact he did not seem to have got on very well there. Different times, different attitudes, as they say – on his attitude to the locals, I suspect he was no different from the vast majority of colonial officers at the time.

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