September 17th 1943

I seem to get slightly pixilated on too much “Parry’s” gin, and the next day Bill and Dick Evans come in to see me. We sink 3/4 bottle of my best Canadian Club and then have dinner. The regiment is off to do some intensive training for another ‘Wingate’ stunt, and I think Bernard Fergusson is a Colonel commanding them now. Meet Frank Fuller and Ormoston for the lunch. The latter was G11 Ops, 26 Division after I left.

I haven’t felt at all well since I got this D.F.C. though I most certainly haven’t drunk a lot. Last night I don’t feel too well but have a few gins and am scarce able to eat my dinner. I go to bed early and today I have some pains when I swing my eyesight around. I have been prospecting for accommodation here, (JDW: in preparation for his posting to Group HQ in Bangalore), but all the best rooms have two or three squadron leaders in them and such a room is all I can get. Then I find a room down in some rabbit warren in which I am now living, and with a bit more furniture it should be OK.

I go back on the train to Trichi tonight. I also have a bad toe, through cutting the nail too fine, way back a month ago. They gave me the wrong treatment for it in 38 B.G.H.


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