September 28th 1943

I return to Trichinopoly in a shower of spots which turn out to be dengue rash. Majithia is there (JDW: the new 2 Sqn C.O. who is taking over from my father) and I get my handing over done before collapsing into bed. I then get moved up to a vacant room in Wing where the food is better and the company more congenial. After three days in bed in a perpetual sweat, I stagger out and take the next train back to Bangalore, having provisionally sent on ‘Albert’, having arranged his posting to Group too, with my kit. I arrive and find my room and kit all ready, so here I am in the West End Hotel. The food and cooking is excellent but the bar prices are a bit steep for what you can get here.

I am still weary from the dengue and hoped for some sick leave, but A.O.C. A/C Mocworth says this would be most inopportune what with Hammerbeck going on the next boat and some Army jungle warfare scheme coming off soon. I work out I have had two months leave in five years, excluding ten days sick leave; largely through my own fault in nor demanding any before.


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