October 8th 1943

I am sitting in Kumara Park one afternoon and feel the fever coming on, so walk out and report to the M.O. that I have my ninth fever coming on. They whip me into B.M.H. and after one evening’s sweating I am OK. Food good, two nice nurses to sit and chat with and a bottle of beer in the evening. The palm squirrels are pretty tame and come down at mealtimes and leap onto the beds on the verandah and are fed by hand. I get two letters from Aunt Babs and Uncle George with D.F.C. on them – the first ever. Also a letter of congratulations from Grindlays Bank…

Much rain, and I am quite happy in bed reading George Eliot’s “Scenes from Clerical Life” and Dickens’ “Old Curiosity Shop” – my taste in literature having suddenly swung back. I have “The Jungle Book” too. Albert comes in every day with this and that as I require them.


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