November 20th 1943

We go to a dance at Coimbatore and meet the Fleet Air Arm types from the RNAS station nearby. I am in great form with a WREN called Lila or Lilo or “Bubbles” and dance most of the evening with her. Fat, plump and 21.

Next day Pat Lewer and I depart and reach Wellington by 1250. We put up at the West Grove Hotel in Coonoor and go to the Club in the evening. Meet some Mary and one Huggins, the brother of Yolande’s father in Lahore. Damn cold up there. Lewer has a miniature daschund which is trained to run up to women. They then say “what a sweet little thing” and he has his introduction. We sit with a popsie from Bombay in the hotel after dinner, with a dreadful “chicks” voice and she has the dog on her lap, which I stroke, including her on the follow through – charming.

A long drive back to Bangalore and this morning I find that 4 Sqn have pranged two a/c and I have to go down for a Court of Enquiry tonight on the train. As Tom Pierce and 171 Wing are moving off I have to stay and look after the joint – I suppose until December 13th and without any transport, which is going to be a bind. I have a small “room” in the West End Hotel here – by the look of it where the bearer lived and cleaned the boots. It’s in a sort of warren with four other rooms, 9 beds, and a communal bathroom. But being on the outside I am OK and no one can walk through me.


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