December 1st 1943

I get back to Bangalore and continue doing nothing. Tom Pierce now up with Wingate’s show. I take two afternoons off and go and lie in the sun and bathe at the Bus Club. Then I get in a game of squash. I visit one S/L N.A.S. Allen who used to be at Harrow with Hugh. I get a ride on one of his fire hoses and we go into the Palace grounds. His wife is daughter of one Colonel Willis who commanded 2/13th (JDW: 2nd battalion, 13th Frontier Force Rifles, my father’s old Indian Army regiment) way back in 1928 or so. I see the S.M.O. and hope to arrange a medical board in Calcutta, but I can’t see any use coming of it.

I have to go out to Directing Staff camp in two days for an exercise “Malabar” taking place down in the jungle there. I have come to the conclusion that if I have to stay in India it is better to do something than fester in 225 Group doing nothing. Have now been turned out from A.O.C.’s morning conference where I learned what little was being done in this Group. A letter from Aunt Vivy and one from Bernard Fergusson the other day.


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