December 12th 1943

This is all good shooting country. I go for a walk up a hill in the sparse jungle and fall into a bog. Tea and coffee is grown around here. Today I take a party in my ‘Jeep’ to visit 14/10 Baluchis who have constructed a position in the jungle. It’s some position too –  the foxholes and bunkers being unable to be seen except from about 20 feet. Fields of fire about 30-40 feet and each covering each other as by the book.

Very cool in the evening and there is a boring conference 7-8pm at which I sometimes talk about the ‘Air’. MG battalion, 13 FF Rifles has a company with them of 42 mortars and I meet my friend whom I met before in Bangalore. Most mornings I go and visit one side or the other, and in the afternoon I manage to get a few hours on Warren’s camp bed next to the office with ‘David Copperfield’.


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