December 21st 1943

I dine in ‘A’ mess with all the tits and then drive back in my jeep to Bangalore. Arriving about 4pm I find I have to get on the mail plane next morning for Vizagapatam where I am president of a Court Martial. I see SASO and arrange to continue on to Calcutta, coming back on Christmas day. I go in and drink with Pam Allan, who keeps the horses, as Nigel is away shooting. On arrival at Vizag. the Air Transit Officer sends me to the Filter Room mess, they being concerned with the Court Martial. Some WACIs are living there too, including I.B.O. I meet the station chief C.O. S/L Goldber, ex 240 squadron, and some of 135 squadron. We go to the Club in the evening where I meet Ronnie Alden and his wife and do myself pretty well in consequence. Some ‘Pongo’ Captain (15 Punjab Rifles) insists that I have a drink, it being “so nice to see some RAF with wings up.” I collect Goldber and introduce him, with the same result.

This morning I go out to see one F/L Chapman, a member of the court and a lawyer by trade, as my last C.M. was under instruction in Razmak days. On the way home we drive along the “front” and round the docks but nothing exciting.


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