January 7th 1944

I discover I have a cousin of sorts – Donald Macnaughton, a cadet at the OTS, whose grandmother is my great aunt Susan. Much squash just now and I am again as fit as I was up to the end of 1942. I try and borrow a bicycle and have a shower and change at the Bus club afterwards. It’s cheaper to drink down there too.

I go flying today in one of 4 Squadron’s Hurricanes and am pleased to see that I haven’t lost the touch. I also get some dual in a Fairchild, 225 Group’s communication aircraft, and do two damn awful landings and the third not so bad. W/C Beaman is back from Staff College as Air Iintelligence. I read in the papers that John Palmer gets an M.B.E. in the New Year’s honours and that “that chap” Johnston is mentioned in despatches for Waziristan “Oct 1941-42”.

Wish I was back on that train again! (JDW: read his Christmas Day entry to see why!)

Another jungle exercise shortly. Here I sit peering at birds with my glasses through the door.


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