February 27th 1944

I lose my identity pass and about 100 rupees and £1/10/- at the Bus Club. I put it in the cover of a book as I have no pockets in my bathing costume and later hand the book back to the librarian. He says it’s not there, so must have fallen out in the Club grounds, but I do not find it. My relief S/Ldr Pinsen arrives and appears to be as mad as a hatter and has left a trail of adverse reports all around India and Ceylon.

The public relations officer catches me and writes up a short story about my gong. I tell him all about Mike’s too and suggest he combines the two stories. However the Indian Government will see it and say “Keep this fellow in India” – you never know.

I go to two parties – one is Jack Smith’s (G111 Air) birthday in the Bus Club and the other is Beaman, self and John Briggs, the RAF Regiment officer, at Group. Dinner and dance etc. I break my English squash ball, and so I have ‘had’ squash for a bit.



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