March 3rd 1944 – “What, You Still Here?”

Still here doing nothing hard. A signal from A.C. Sea today asking for confirmation that I am available for embarkation, whatever that means. It never happened with anyone else before. I meet one W/C Phillips just out from the UK who gives me the lowdown – dry ships. There’s far too many sinkings in the Gulf of Aden appearing on our Ops Room board for my liking. Just my luck to be sunk and, if rescued, then by a ship coming back to Bombay!

I purchase two small sandalwood elephants and a large rosewood one at Mysore “arts and crafts” department. Bill Beaman, Phillips and one Swaley, a petrol king from Delhi, and self, stoke up on Cyprus brandy at the Bus Club last night, and then feed at Winstons Chinese restaurant. I have a great success with my paper darts made from menus. AOC says to me “What? You still here?” So long as he doesn’t ask me what I’m doing I don’t mind.

Indian Rates of Pay in Rupees (GD/ASD/Medical)

Air Commodore 1805/1725
Group Captain 1680/1475/1930
Wing Commander 1240-1470/1080/1510 (also Lieutenant Colonel in Indian army)

Squadron Leader 1010/915/1075 (Major)
Flight Lieutenant 710/640/755 (Captain 690-710)
Flying Officer 635/545/600 (Lieutenant 535)
Pilot Officer 500/455 (2nd Lieutenant 480)

Chaplain – 500 on appointment


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