March 6th 1944

A damn great cyclone off Madras and a good drop of rain here. We lose a Catalina in it at sea. Another convoy sails from Bombay which I miss. S/L Ramsey lets me have his greatcoat for £8, in condition that I take a box home for his wife.

My pay is a complete muddle – back pay due from the difference between F/O and F/L from October to March in Ambala. They offer me 190/10! P.O.R. re my Acting S/Ldr rank and 100/- per month with Indian Air Force did not reach B.P.O. from 2 squadron! My account debited 100/- per month for the D.S.O.P. Fund, but found not credited since Sept 1942?!

Apparently we get no 1939-43 Star for service in Burma, but as someone suggests, I should thank myself lucky to have what I have, without wanting more.



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