May 9th 1944 – St Ives

This Denise dame invites me out on the sands and we sunbathe and have tea. That is eat it, as there is no liquid. I proclaim that I am fireproof and she sets to work, and we have quite a time. She says she cannot be unfaithful to her husband AND her lover (the Yank Major), but eventually tells me to come and make love to her properly in her room at night. OK says I and depart to “Sloop” for some beer and then on to the flat for an omelette. Having previously recce-ed all the stairs – which creak etc – I go in the door at 11pm to find her in bed and saying she didn’t think I would come tonight, and I must go. I say ‘why?’, we argue and eventually I am told that I’m a bit dim, so realise the score and leave.

Yesterday I sit in the garden in the sun after lunch and it’s damn hot. Denise later departs with the Yank to Tregunna and I call in there on the way home before the bar shuts, but he eyes me rather suspiciously so I beat it.


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One response to “May 9th 1944 – St Ives”

  1. What a post! This tale could be the basis of a great scene in a movie or at least a short story.

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