May 11th 1944

I reckon I am being played for a sucker, but I must learn somewhere. Yesterday I go to a beer party at 9pm with the Sandons but beer not too good. We play poker dice and I clean up a lot of commandos and odd women. Today feel ill in the stomach from beer. I invite Viv to Tregenna to dance but she suddenly says she cannot, having to meet a train at 9pm or something. Actually her American boy friend is coming over for the weekend so I get the old bot. However, why worry? Think where I was two months ago. Am trying to get a keg of beer and throw a party. Ma and I go over to Lelant – me to be exhibited to her friends there, and drink much whisky – damn expensive too. On return I call in to the Sloop, have two pints of Bass, and bore Denise for half an hour. On to the flat for supper, and I get so tight I make for home and bed as fast as I can.


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