May 14th 1944 – St Ives

A week of sunbathing. Denise tells me she is having fun at my expense, roughly, and departs to a house she has got. Ma and I organise and put on a party last night with a firkin of Bass which goes down very well, and a little gin and cider for the women. Viv condescends to come but most of the women go with their yanks to a yank party at Tregenna. The Commandoes come – led by Alan Greenhaugh, who organised ‘bitter’ for me. I meet G/C Somerville at his adjutant in the Sloop (officer commanding Portreath) and he invites me over to meet Durrant, ex Maungdaw ‘controller’.

My kit all appears to have arrived and today I am contracted to take out a Wren I have never even seen – God! – to dinner and dance at Tregenna. She is sure too be a complete slug and god knows how I shall carry it off. No posting orders yet.


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