May 20th 1944 – St Ives

I meet Tom Slack (41 squadron), ex-Iraq 4FTS, in the Sloop and we go drinking in the Queens and re-fight the battle, to the great amazement of one Wagg, a Yank in the same squadron. Next day I do some drinking with them; they are staying in Tregenna, on the Nuffield (scheme) – one Jimmy Theale DSO, DFC also there and is found in the manager’s wife’s pyjamas and bed one afternoon about 4pm. All most uproarious. I eat his dinner at Tregenna as he has passed out, then Tom, Wagg and I go down to the ‘Sheaf of Wheat’. Wagg fearfully drunk and throwing lobster shells about the place, and on the way down he picks up some women, gets sober on coffee at the ‘Kettle’ and joins us. This dame, Madge, many years in Burma and India – and Wagg takes her home, much to my annoyance, as we are doing quite well together.

Yesterday by train to Helston where Doreen meets me and we hitch down to Coverack where she lives. Lunch and tea in a farmhouse, Cornish cream, and we sit in the sun amongst a lot of thistles and nettles and I sunbathe. Progress is slow, but I get as far as combing her hair when it’s time to go. Train is late for a connection so I hitch a lorry and bus back to St Ives. Lovely country round Helston.

No word from the Air Ministry though I wrote a few days ago. Note from Mhairi who seems a bit shocked by my description of the women of St Ives.


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One response to “May 20th 1944 – St Ives”

  1. Ah very nice indeed – he is a poet too…
    Progress is slow,
    but I get as far as combing her hair
    when it’s time to go.

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