June 4th 1944

I am sent on four days leave, reporting to Cosford E.N.T. chap when it ends, so wire Sproats. The weather is bad so I have to go by train and arrive over in time for tea. Jarvis Blayney – F/L – also over at Fulford, and we do a lot of drinking together. Aunt Molly takes me round the house offering me bits and pieces when she is dead!

I spend a lot of time looking at Daph, and in wondering why I didn’t make more use of myself in the old days. However, the day will dawn – maybe! Jarvis and I go up to Yeadon, and try and get me a seat to Cosford on Monday, but no luck so far. With great difficulty manage to get the latest type mask and microphone – only through saying that I’m an instructor. I know what I need – I leave my fountain pen at Hawarden so expect it’s gone – hell! (The WAAF had it for me).


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