June 7th 1944

I go down to Cosford after quite a party with Jarvis the night before, and put up in the Mess there. I meet one F/L “Dicky” Dee who has been having treatment for burns for 13 months now, and we go to see a show, and I am very taken with one of the stars, a WAAF officer, one Hazel Palit. Also I have my appointment with the E.N.T. specialist the next day and leave after lunch. He gives me an X-ray and says there is nothing the matter except a change of climate, which I think is balls. A huge Mess at Cosford, and you telephone to the bar when you want a drink.

My posting not in yet, so I’m off to Poulton as C.G.I. tomorrow until it comes. Hope to get some flying and one or two other things two.


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3 responses to “June 7th 1944”

  1. It is interesting that he makes no mention of the activity going on in France. I wonder if this was because of security concerns.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      You are right. I suspect that service personnel have been told to write nothing about the build up or rumours of D-Day invasion (which there must have been) in letters or diaries.

      1. I did notice that there had been quite a party the night before, and I suspect that it might have been a D-Day related event.

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