June 13th 1944 – Shrewsbury

I organise matches – and soap too. I collect Sonia at 11.00 and we go looking for fully fashioned stockings. Then beer and lunch at the “Lion”. We then go down near the river, cross over by the 1d toll (JDW: penny toll), and sit on the grass from 2.30 to 7.35. I get busy, and so does she for that matter, but her principles are such that the result is another “Papist trick”. I get a bit tied up at various times with what Jeanie told me, and not Sonia, and what I said to one and not the other. We go back and have a meal of sorts at a cinema cafe, and then some more beer at the “Lion”. Good night Bas!

I hitch hike out to Ternhill this morning, as there are only three buses a day. I pass “Banky Bill” in the street last night, but can’t stop with Sonia. I give her 10 coupons.


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