June 23rd 1944

I take to the air again in a Master and go solo today, though I nearly bounce the a/c off doing a glide approach at 95, as they come down quite steep. Hugh Roberts and I go to town and are admitted to the “Lamb” by Nancy Cork, the landlady, although it is shut. Two other women, two sailors and a Yank sergeant come in and we all play darts and drink Scotch, being turned out about 11pm. Hugh and I are then asked to come back, when the others have left, as Nancy (a 12 stoner!) has her sister Elaine there with a sudden passion for Hughie. We go back and they are very drunk, but give us drinks and eventually bacon and eggs as well. Elaine wants to retire with Hugh but Nancy will not let her, and both being drunk, there is quite some argument. Eventually Elaine goes away and we are put out too, but Pete and I go down and drink with her last night instead of Roberts, who was supposed to meet her at 8pm in the Corbett Arms.

We are going tonight and he is coming too, so I suppose I have had it again, as she is the nicest looking girl I have seen around here yet!


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