July 3rd 1944

I am invited to stay the night at “The Lamb” on Friday, my day off being on Saturday, and go down there and do some beer drinking. Thursday I take Elaine to the Parish Hall dance and keep losing her in the general “excuse me’s” when all sorts of women come and tap her off; she kisses me goodnight quite well, too. At about 2.30am we go upstairs and I am shown the spare bedroom and eventually score a home base, though only just as Nancy comes down from upstairs looking for Elaine and there is nearly trouble.

Next day, after breakfast at 12 and lunch at 4pm we go for a walk and then I cycle home. Later to a dance at Buntingsdale, HQ 25 and 22 Groups, where I never saw so much whiskey before in England. I set to work on one “Penny” Penfold, a WAAF officer, and she comes over yesterday with Lady Chetwynd, who had invited me, to a hop here. I do seem to get much flying here, or much sleep for that matter, and Scott tells me the next course at Hawarden starts in three weeks time. A letter from Mrs Jacobs.


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