July 11th 1944

I go in to see Elaine occasionally but no more home bases due to aircraft being U/S. I go down and look at the cottage at Bridgenorth, and not many chickens about. Also a few cross countries, fairly successful ones too. Yesterday I go to a dance with Mrs King-Hay who puts up 10/- for my admittance. Free beer until it runs out, but not much else there bar a lot of American officers. I get a bit disgruntled and dance with some dame who I cannot see home, as I have to go back to the King-Hays for beer and retrieve my bicycle. Today I was going to see the Penfold dame at 8pm but it was raining hard and so that will be off too.



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  1. Was Mrs. King-Hay a family friend or a relative? They go to a dance, but he has to pay for admittance. Were the ladies allowed in for free, but the gentlemen had to pay for admittance. Would such dances be “commercial” affairs or fund-raising events?

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