July 12th 1944

I collect young “Tuppence” and we walk to the “Stormy Petrel” and drink beer until we are asked to leave. I walk her home and put in a bit of fancy work in the garage, but nothing to cause any alarm. Yesterday I go down to see Elaine in the “Corbett Arms” and we go back to the “Lamb” and I have to leave at 12.15 with Steve and Teagarden in their truck as I can stand it no longer. I do some sodium flying (?) and am now in the night flying flight, and kick off this evening with “beacon bashing” dual at 3.15am, so what the hell I do until then I do not know.



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One response to “July 12th 1944”

  1. In Geoffrey Guy’s War: Memoirs of a Spitfire Pilot 1941-46, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Geoffrey-Guys-War-Memoirs-Spitfire-ebook/dp/B00AY2BL52/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405225705&sr=8-1&keywords=geoffrey+guy%27s+war, sodium flying is discussed:

    “The established torture of the oh-so-good-for-you Link Trainer was continued and to this was added the new horror of sodium flying carried out in full and blessed light of day, avoiding the need for a lighted runway at night. The pilot was fitted with yellow-tinted opaque goggles which allowed him to see the instruments in his cockpit and the flare path, lit by the bright yellow sodium flares, but that is all. No horizon visible, no sweet countryside below. It was flying in the dark dark night with no visibility and none of us enjoyed it.”

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