July 14th 1944 – Market Drayton

I go night flying again and do two solo circuits until 5am when it is getting light. Yesterday I go beacon bashing up to Hooton Park and I then drive straight into the ground. I get a bad attack of Mhairi, for some reason, (JDW: an old girlfriend), having had another letter recently, but from a careful appreciation there can be no joy, as the RAF say. I take Tuppence out for a walk in between supper and night flying, and it pours with rain and they cancel it.

I collect a clasp for North Africa to my 39-43 Star, for my services learning to be a tankbuster with 6 squadron, which seems a bit of a racket. (JDW: may father I suppose is referring to the fact that he did not actually see any action in North Africa, just visited for training.)

I would like to meet Mhairi in Edinburgh, but then I shall get no leave.


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