July 29th 1944

I am given seven days leave so wire Mhairi to meet me in Edinburgh. She says she can manage it at 12.30 on Thursday, then they cancel it and extend the course by a couple of weeks, and then give me leave again. I ring up Crail (JDW: where Mhairi lived near Edinburgh) with some difficulty and hear a distant voice on the other end. Now I am going to Edinburgh on Tuesday and meeting Mhairi for lunch on Thursday, after which she returns to Crail. I have seven days, so what the hell I will do with myself I can’t think. Aunt Babs ill in hospital. And what the hell will the lunch be like – a complete anti-climax no doubt.

A terrific dance last night and I have “Tuppence” over, and she departs for Grantham today. Also the Atkinson dame, though I don’t do much looking after her. This morning I have a cold – caught God only knows where.


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4 responses to “July 29th 1944”

  1. Mhairi. She is mentioned a few times. Is she a friend or relative?

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      I believe a family friend. At any rate, someone he may once have considered a girlfriend or a childhood sweetheart.

      1. In some of his entries, I had the feeling that he was concerned about what she had to say. I’ve had a different sense about her than the others.

  2. James. Hi,

    Rereading the blogs and I’ve come across the mysterious ‘”Tuppence” again which did catch my eye the first time round. Do you have any more info? I think she might be my godmother? Won’t that make it a very small world?


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