August 9th 1944

Toby takes me to an excellent poker dice party and dinner in the Mess, and I return to Ternhill on Monday after an early start at 07.45 with no food. I stand, and sit on a table, most of the way to Crewe, and arrive back to find it a boiling hot day.

I go to the Bear in Hodnet for a drink with the ex-Pongoes (JDW: ex-Army) and then Collier and I go to the local hop but all the women there seem pretty grim and I return home about 11.30pm after an unsuccessful evening. I feel a bit odd about everything and cannot decide what I want. I fly over to Peterborough and come in against the circuit and two reds before I notice what I am about. No hope of a posting for a month or so, as Hawarden full up and the war finishing – or so they say. I shall be back East soon. The India Office say I cannot have pay of Lieutenant of six years service – i.e. “Drumhead’s Bob” – only 2nd Lieutenant as I was when I was seconded. Doing much flying, and gliding in every time satisfactorily.

Elaine and the WAAF dame expect me to ring them up, but hell – I want to get away from here, and the tennis gang at the King-Hays.


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