August 19th 1944

I go back to Hodnet but the Bear is shut and so we go for a walk and sit on a hill. I get a fearful thirst but can do nothing about it, and cycle gloomily home at about 10.30pm to three glasses of water.

Yesterday I go to town with Collier and eventually make the acquaintance of the “Hungry Vulture” and her sister, who are talking to my friend Donda, a Czech. She is another Dorothy, and Donda and I get invited back home when the pub shuts. But Ma and Pa are sitting in state and we have tea and biscuits. The H.V. is looking for a husband so I leave hastily at 11pm and cycle home through the pouring rain. Tonight I am going to another of the awful Vardon dances, or parties rather, but do not intend to lose 8/6 at bridge this time.


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