August 26th 1944

“Hell hath no fury…” I don’t take much notice of the Dorothy dame at Hodnet’s Monday dance, and she gets damned annoyed. On 23rd we hear of the fall of France and have a party in the Mess with the dozen or so French course pilots. I get up on a table and sing “A troopship leaving Bombay” with my own two verses and then retire to bed. Later I organise myself three days leave, plus a day off, and get a lift in an Oxford from Hinstock to Donibristle with one Lt MacDonald RNVR. We fly over Blackpool tower and Moffat and see the Isle of Man to port. I get put up in the wardroom at Donibristle and of course find that I have packed no lungi.

This morning I bus to Crail and find Mhairi has organised a bed and breakfast, but nothing else. I have a beer and 20 Horlicks tablets for lunch, then Mhairi gets off 2.45 to 6.30 and we bus over to Elie and back for tea. Crail crowded out for some reason. I am dissatisfied with this sort of life. I know what I want but cannot find it. Some 3000 pewits on Chetwynd airfield.



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3 responses to “August 26th 1944”

  1. Love the Peewits! I wonder how many would be there now …

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Yes, he was a bit of a twitcher like you! Big news piece on the Franklin expedition this morning, I wonder if you heard it.

  2. By pewits, Daddy meant ‘Peewits’, the common name for lapwings, after their cry. He was an avid amateur birdwatcher and has passed that interest on to me.

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