September 3rd 1944

I get posted to Hawarden together with A.J. Scott, Reg Cooper, David Crook, “Tiny” Price, Denis Collier and Bob Martin – also one Harris. Reg and I go down to the Corbett dance but it is a bit grim, though I get in without paying anything as the “heiress’s guest” – Emlyn Williams. Last night Reg and I get to the “Lamb” and syphon petrol out of Steve’s jeep and then go to the “Swan” in Newport, arriving home to bed at 2.30 – damn tired myself.

I am reading W. Churchill’s Early Life and trying to enlarge my education. Nine weeks at 41 O.T.U., one week’s leave, one week at Larkhill, more leave and then to a G.H.U. in T.A.F. – it will be three months before I get to a squadron – and then the East again.


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