September 7th 1944

I go and say farewell to the King-Hays and next day drive to Hawarden with Reg Cooper. Celia Spink, thank God, is posted. We get ourselves all in a gang for huts and flights. Reg and I go to Chester the first night by car, under the tutelage of George Bainbridge, who is still here, having been suspended, and we go round all the pubs except Barlow’s, which is shut. Then he leaves us at Quaintways about 10pm and we enter a dance there. I dance with some dame called Jill and later we part our ways, she with her sister home and I to rendezvous with Reg at the car.

Next day I bicycle in with Denys Collier to “Barlow’s” where we meet Jill and her sister Sheila. We wander round the drinking dens and eventually we see them home, this Jill dame getting distinctly ‘warm’ at my side. I spend no little time kissing her goodnight and arrange a rendezvous at the Castle the next night, where I park my bicycle with the sentry. We go to the “Grosvenor” and consume 3 1/2 pints and then walk home, ‘warmer’ than ever. I cycle home and get to bed, having arranged to go down Saturday – though to what I know not.

Henry Larsen was here, home on attachment to get himself modernised, and is now over in France. He is claiming 22 months Ops and says he is going to get Tom Pierce’s job as W/C in Delhi. Just wait until I see him!! The beer is better up here than at Ternhill and we are to fly Spits instead of Mustangs.

My lovely Jill – oh dear! I wonder…


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